The times they are a changin’


Since the very first days of our agency, when Bernbach teamed up a copywriter an and art director, we have strived to create a collaborative environment – an environment that allows for creative freedom, with everyone focused on discovering and crafting the best solution, not on who gets the credit. It is the foundation on which DDB was built and the impetus behind our most memorable ideas. As Wendy Clark reminds us today, “The only way to do amazing, incredible, work is to realize we’re better together.” This collection of work proves just that.


adam&eveDDB London | Marmite Gene Project

Is there a ‘Marmite Gene’? The collaboration at the heart of this campaign continued as we partnered with genetic scientists at DNA Fit to find out the answer to our question. We took DNA samples from 261 British people, with over 8,760 hours of genetic analysis to determine the existence of the ‘Marmite Gene’. We would like to think that the shape of the campaign is a genetic blueprint for modern day integrated campaigns. We created fame through PR and traditional channels such as TV, radio and press, as well as depth through interactive elements, and direct trial through DNA test kits and in-store sampling. Everyone pulled together across every function to bring the campaign to life.

DDB Chicago | Skittles Exclusive the Rainbow

Given the amount and scale of the competition for eyeballs, the Super Bowl is a challenging space. How does a brand stand out in a sea of celebrities, advertising and overall noise? Well, you have to do something crazy. With that in mind, Skittles decided to create a real, epic Super Bowl ad, but only show it to one single person – an actual Skittles fan named Marcos Menendez. Instead of competing for the same 100 million eyeballs as everyone else and hoping they’d like it, Skittles went all in on one lucky fan, and made something we knew he would love. To pull off an idea of this magnitude required a strong partnership between DDB, the Skittles client, and a number of different partners and agencies. With so many moving parts and players, working together as an integrated team was not optional, it was mandatory. Ideas like this don’t come around very often. They get made even less often than that. It’s a testament to what happens when a great idea, a brave client and a big team of talented and dedicated people come together.

We Are Unlimited Chicago | International Women’s Day Flip

For 60+ years, McDonald’s has thrived by nurturing one of the most diverse workforces on the planet. In fact, at McDonald’s, 60% of U.S. managers are women, and hundreds more are owners/operators. A statistic that speaks volumes about the company’s inclusive POV and progressive actions. The staggering statistics behind McDonald’s work force and organization coupled with International Women’s Day was the perfect combination to put the inspiration behind the iconic act. So for team Unltd, our ambition became honoring the women of McDonald’s, past and present, celebrating their personal stories and the contributions they’ve made to their communities, the company, the brand, and beyond. With the support of DDB Chicago McDonald’s Global Team and DDB North America, Unltd was able to drive scale of the meaningful act and story across 100 women owned-restaurants in the U.S.A. and Romania.

DDB New Zealand | Steinlager Fight for Territory

When Steinlager, New Zealand’s iconic beer, briefed in a campaign to promote the Lions’ Rugby tour of New Zealand, they had no idea the idea they would end up running would require the collaboration and approval of 7 different parties, including two international rugby teams, two beer giants, a media company, a creative agency and an international airport. But a good fight always requires a bit of cooperation.