When people come first, we all become better


Issue 73: Putting People First

We do our most creative thinking when we are focusing clearly on people. Our business is a people business. We must never forget the importance of bringing value to people’s lives in all the work we do for our clients every day. Doing the right thing is ultimately the right business decision as well.

By thinking upside down, DDB Mudra in India looked at their consumer in an entirely different way and redefined value for their client Stayfree. They realized there was the one group of women who actually looked forward to their period: commercial sex workers. On the days of their period, these women did not have to work, and Stayfree could have an even greater impact to improve their lives during this time. They created a series of vocational workshops where the women could learn new trade skills and the program continues to grow.

Online press censorship is on the rise globally, but our team in Germany found a loophole for Reporters Without Borders by turning their thinking around. Even in the most censored countries, music streaming platforms are still freely accessible. They turned journalists into pop singers and their censored articles into song lyrics.

Suicide is now the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. adam&eveDDB in London created thoughtful conversation around a subject no one wanted to speak about by turning each alarming statistic into an artistic rendering of the people they represent. The conversation reached the Parliament floor and most importantly increased helpline activity for their suicide prevention client CALM.

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