You can take the intelligence out of the human but you cannot take the human out of the intelligence


Issue 72: Human Intelligence

For years I have been speaking about the intersection of creativity, humanity and technology that is shaping our world, and should be shaping the way we define our industry. We are the industry that understands human insights and how to use artistry and technology to bring value to people’s lives. And the trends have finally caught up. It’s not about combining these elements any longer; they are all intertwined. Cool stunts aren’t cool enough. Technology must also tell the brand story. And even when humanity isn’t actually human.

Adam&eveDDB London helped turn virtual gaming on its head for EA Sports. Instead of the making the game feel as real as pro football, pro footballers started copying the moves seen on the videogame. The FIFA 18 game included a hidden, never-seen-before move called El Tornado. It had everyone, from football fans to NBA superstars, other brands and even rival videogames, copying the virtual led El Tornado craze.

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There’s a difference between creating a buzz and creating a brand, a difference between an algorithm and a true insight into human nature, a difference between big data and a big idea, a difference between one-off stunts and enduring brand stories and a difference between a click and an emotional connection.

Keith Reinhard