It’s not the technology you use, it’s the use you make of technology


Issue 54: Creative Innovation

Creative Thinking is Where Real Innovation Lives
Innovation is one of the most misused words in advertising. And we use it a lot. We have innovative ideas, invent new methods to connect with people, disrupt society and shake up the world.  Now, in an age where technology sets the pace, everybody is trying to catch up with what they believe is the next big thing. The problem is, our industry often loses focus on our real role. We’re easily caught up in shiny, new technologies and forget to solve the actual problem of our client.

The technology you chose to use in your communications is neither the idea nor the solution. Innovation comes from looking at problems in a completely different way. You have to use technology in such a way that it adds value to your idea, to your clients product, to people’s lives. Too often, we applaud a bunch of unrelated gimmicks.

That’s what makes this collection of ideas stand out.

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