Here’s how you communicate to consumers on their own terms


Issue 53: Consumer Relevance

All too often we see advertising and advertising people creating amazing, innovative and out of this world ideas that please their peers and the industry, but are completely lacking relevance in the real world.

It’s our job is to create influence for brands. You can only do that if you can translate data into a valuable human insight. You need to understand people, see the world through their eyes, understand why or when the product is relevant to people’s lives and how it can maybe even make them a little better. When we get this right, we create our best ideas.

By actually looking at things from the customers’ point of view, our team in Melbourne broke all the rules of traditional bank advertising and even broke a few records for their client Westpac. Their brief was simply to teach people how to use Westpac’s new cardless cash service, but instead of just showing people how to get cash, they actually gave money away. Free money is a bit more relevant to most people, I think, and they did it in such a fun and clever way that connected with young people, who they wanted to reach the most.

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