Master of the Super Bowl, Bob Scarpelli shares the keys to winning the USA’s biggest ad game.


Issue 51: Super Bowl

Bob Scarpelli
Former DDB Worldwide Chairman & Chief Creative Officer

Over his 35-year career at DDB, Bob and his teams created some of the world’s most iconic and talked about creative work – including a record number of the most loved Super Bowl campaigns of all time.  A part time professor at Northwestern University, this Advertising Hall of Fame member is also a Chicago sports fan, a history buff, and Beatles fanatic and sits on the board of the Chicago International Film Festival, Off the Street Club and the advisory board of the Virginia Commonwealth University Brand Center.

The Game Within the Game
Four friends and a simple phrase that started a worldwide phenomenon. “Whassup???”

Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame parachuting into the Super Bowl with a dog and a bag of Rold Gold pretzels.

Rex the dog getting his shot at Hollywood fame, courtesy of Budweiser.

The famous Budweiser Clydesdales lining up to kick the game winning extra point. “They always do that? Nah, they usually go for two.”

A “Magic Fridge” that somehow always appears full of Bud Light.

Cedric the Entertainer dancing with his Bud Light anticipating a romantic evening.

A Clydesdale and a Dalmatian who were separated at birth.

Those are just a few of the great Super Bowl spots our team at DDB Chicago did over the years. And of course, there’s a story behind each one of them.

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Jeep “4x4ever”

This new anthem for Super Bowl 50, features Sony Music artist Morgan Dorr and turns the phrase four-by-four into a battle cry that celebrates Jeep’s trailblazing heritage and symbolizes living a life without boundaries across today’s world.

Skittles “The Portrait”

Steven Tyler keeps the dream alive in this Super Bowl 50 commercial. This is the first time Skittles has featured a celebrity and they couldn’t have a more uniquely offbeat match to the brand as Tyler. #SkittlesArt

Six classic Super Bowl spots from DDB were also named to the Advertising Age Super Bowl 50,ranking the best of the Big Game spots over its half-century history, including Budweiser’s “Whassup” and “Applause”, McDonald’s “Big Mac Jingle”, “Brother Dominic” for Xerox and Bud Light’s “Spuds McKenzie” and “I Love You, Man”.