The 2015 Bernbach Awards honors 16 top ideas including the Grand Prix to “Holograms for Freedom”


Issue 49: Pivotal Moments

Recognizing Our Best Ideas

We gathered earlier this month to judge the year’s best ideas from across our network, as we do each year, and honor our top work with the Bernbach Awards. The Grand Prix was given to DDB Spain for “Holograms for Freedom”. Their creative insight recognized the pivotal moment that was taking place in the country – a hologram actually now had more freedom than the person it represents. Using artistry and technology, they created a means for tens of thousands to legally protest the new law and ultimately force its repeal. There is no better example of the intersection of creativity, humanity and technology we are working in today and the power our ideas can have to change lives.

As Bill Bernbach said, “The great mistakes are made when we feel we are beyond questioning.” Our most influential ideas are a result of asking the right questions to ourselves, our clients and the world.  I asked the members of our jury to reflect on their best ideas and share a pivotal moment in their careers.

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