Kathleen Gordon gives an insider’s look at what the Bernbach Awards mean to DDB Worldwide


Issue 38: Bernbach Awards 2014

Google+ “Front Row”
Media and Outdoor winner from adam&eve DDB London

“I judged the Outdoor category at Cannes this year and to my surprise found it was one of the most exciting categories at the show. To be great Outdoor, it’s not enough to just be eye catching. It now has to be interactive, technologically advanced and create a spectacle. It can have the ability to combine many of the other categories in one.  At the Bernbach awards I was not let down. The winning piece for Google+ lived up to expectation, reinforcing the rejuvenation and revolution of a once tired medium.” – Darren Spiller

RSL Australia “Minute of Silence”

Nothing is closer to our life than mobile. The winner from the Melbourne office, Minute of Silence, is a great example of simplicity and interaction that could not find a better way to do it than in Mobile.” – Juan Carlos Ortiz

Lufthansa “Are Your Klaus-Heidi”

“DDB Stockholm’s audacious idea ‘Are you Klaus-Heidi?’ for client Lufthansa is worthy recipient of this year’s Bernbach award in Promo and Activation. For the creative council  it was a really close call between this idea and DDB New Zealand’s #Bring Down The King, a really cool stunt that achieved global reach ahead of the new series of Game of Thrones. In the end the sheer silliness of Klaus-Heidi won us over. I often look at promo entries and get a bit cynical about the hype and supposed reach. No such concerns here. Even the Mayor of Berlin was getting involved in it! And let’s face it, any promotion that motivates over 40 people to change their name to Klaus-Heidi by deed poll, has to be a pretty amazing one. Congrats to DDB Stockholm and of course to a brave client in Lufthansa." – Toby Talbot