Influence: the only thing that really matters to a brand


Issue 34: Generate Influence


Our industry keeps coming up with buzz words. Throwing these words around may make some people feel like an expert on the next big trend, but we’re forgetting the big picture. Our role in the world of marketing is not only about creating awareness, telling stories, or mining data, but about creating relevance. We may do these things, but our end goal goes beyond creating ads or likes or impressions. We are creating influence in the world.

Influence is the only thing that really matters to a brand. Only influential brands are relevant. Only influential brands can change the way people think, live and behave. Influence shapes societies, impacts cultures and adds value to people’s lives. And we do this the way our ideas have always created impact, by finding the relevant truth, communicating in fresh new ways and by respecting and understanding people. It takes time to build the trust required to become an influential brand. But people remember how you make them feel, rather than what you say or do. That emotional connection is the ultimate prize for any organization.

The age of awareness is over. Consumers have so much information at their fingertips that marketing no longer plays a meaningful role in making them aware of what a product is or what a service offers. The lines between online and offline continue to blur. We need to finally stop thinking of social as a medium. It is the technology infrastructure that helps us do our jobs smarter and deliver something meaningful and useful to people.