DM9DDB explores the mindset of creative professionals from the network


Issue 27: Young Creatives

Larry Gordon

Art Director, Alma

I make connections through stories.  It’s rewarding to share experiences that people from different walks of life can relate to.  That’s how universal truths and insights are discovered.  I think we all have more similarities than differences and good stories bring those similarities to light.

Photo: Whenever I get stuck on a project, I read Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes has all the answers.

Gabriel Ferrer

Senior Copywriter, Alma

Being a creative means being part of what makes the world go round. Everything that has helped the human race move forward or spend hours looking at cat gifs was born out of someone’s creativity.  I love the ability to solve a problem using nothing but my imagination. It’s like my brain is Batman’s utility belt.

Photo: Eye of the Tiger

Lindsey Eckwall

Designer, DDB New York

To me, I think being a creative is as much about personal expression as it is about problem solving. Everyone is going to have a different aesthetic, verbal, or emotional solution, but at the end of the day it’s about what makes the most objective sense. Being a creative isn’t always about picking our favorite color, it’s about having the right perspective to pick the color that best solves for the problem. 

Photo: I moved to New York a year ago and have been overwhelmingly inspired by the the city and all of the possibilities it has to offer.

Brian Gartside

Graphic Designer, DDB New York

Being creative, in my experience, is more about being persistent than it is about being smart. Just having a good idea is the smallest part of getting good work through. You have to fight for your ideas and fight for your projects every step of the way. There are always people, whether we’re talking about clients or people within the agency, who will try to tell you reasons why your idea or your project can’t happen. You have to keep pushing, or your work won’t get produced. 

Photo: Some font I’m working on.