DM9DDB explores the mindset of creative professionals from the network


Issue 27: Young Creatives


The new generation of creative professional looks at the same things as everyone else but sees something different.

They are constantly searching for answers – even if a question hasn’t been asked.

They want to bring that extra something to the client. To merely come up with a TV ad or radio spot without real content, does not make them happy.

They want their idea to add something to the consumer’s life – usefulness, entertainment – they want to add value to the brand at all times.

According to Maria Tender, Director of Brand Planning at DDB New York, “they are on the front lines of tumultuous conditions and thrive on being expert improvisers. They quickly make sense of the swirl, identify opportunities proactively, and devise creative ways to efficiently take advantage of them. They don’t plan far ahead. They interact and try to understand and curate from consumers who carry devices in their hands ten times more powerful than the computers of ten years ago.”

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Marcelo Páscoa

Creative Director

Marcelo Páscoa is in charge of creating, developing and implementing entertainment and content projects for the entire client portfolio of the agency. At Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado – FAAP, he participated in developing the Branding Entertainment class for the undergraduate course in Advertising. He presented workshops on the topic at 2008 and 2009 Cannes. He was awarded the Bronze Lion in Media (2009) and Direct (2012).

Marco Versolato

Creative Vice President

Marco Versolato joined DDB Brasil – one of the largest and most awarded agencies in the country – in October 2010 as Creative Vice President. Leading a team of 80 people, he restructured the processes and teams to ensure continuity to the convergent philosophy, as well as to reinforce the creative DNA that defines the agency’s work.

Considered one of the most talented creative professionals in Brazilian advertising, Versolato collects several awards from some of the most important advertising festivals in the country, including “Premio Abril,” “Colunistas” and “Sao Paulo Creative Club,” to name a few. Internationally his accolades include eight Lions at Cannes Festival and gold medals at Wave Festival and FIAP. In 2010 he represented Brazil at the Cannes Festival jury, in the Outdoor category.

Before joining DDB Brazil’s team, where he works in brand building for clients such as Itau Bank, Ambev’s Guarana Antarctica, Bohemia beer, Intel, Teléfonica, Honda motorcycles, Philips, Telhanorte, Whirlpool/Brastemp and Consul, and Sadia, Versolato worked at DPZ, AlmapBBDO, Lew’Lara/TBWA and Y&R. In the latter two he held the same leadership position he currently holds.

Mariana Manso

Art Assistant, DM9DDB 

Being creative is all about finding new and unusual solutions to solving problems. Creativity is entertainment. Break the monotony with the unexpected – embrace feelings, moments and emotions. 

With social media, public response is instant and direct which can be good or bad. It’s a much closer, informal and dynamic relationship. We see what people are talking about 24/7, and this allows us to instantly change course and engage with them more efficiently.

Vitor Salioni

Art Director, DM9DDB

In advertising being creative means to be a little bit of a painter, an illustrator, an architect, a designer, a stylist, a screenwriter, a filmmaker, a musician, a TV host, a historian, a philosopher, a psychologist, an anthropologist, a sociologist, an engineer, and even a lawyer. I am constantly learning, and constantly sharing everything I learn so I can keep a young mind.

Antonio Sandes

Art Director, DM9DDB

Being creative is to act on an inspiration with certainty. My work gives me the opportunity to relate to people. These relationships bring awesomeness to my day-to-day life. I try to make as many connections as possible – be it a partnership with a supplier, brainstorming with my colleagues, or even a chat in a bar.

Clara Prior-Knock

Senior Copywriter, DDB Copenhagen

Creatives create. In every sense of the word. This could be physical as well as value, opinions or even feelings. But I really like making things.  

None of my old friends or members of my family are in the same business as I am. This means I get easy access to insights from a lot of different fields and target groups. I use this to relate and combine in to connections – not just ads. I do make human connections as well. I’m not a total workaholic – unless you ask my mom.

Photo: I like making and collecting things. Like making a bicycle helmet and collecting sneakers. 

Beatriz Torres Marin

Digital Copywriter, Alma

Being creative is taking risks. Challenging yourself to do something you’ve never done before. Trying something for the sake of trying. There’s a quote from “Alice in Wonderland” that would be my perfect definition of creativity: “Believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast” (and then convince your producer to help you make them possible!) 

Sid Lim

Art Director, DDB Singapore 

Being a creative means a lot of things. It means that we are expected to not conform. Being a creative means being comfortable with multiple perspective – even those that you do not agree with. Being a creative means making tons of mistakes. Being a creative means change and adaptability is second nature. Being creative means finishing what you’ve started. Being creative means trying, daily. Being creative is knowing the notion of work life balance is overrated. Being creative is essentially living, being conscious and considerate to the things that are happening around you.