Kim Das highlights DDB’s robust global structure as key for driving the J&J business around the world


Issue 24: Driving J&J Worldwide

DDB Village Raises J&J Brands Worldwide

They say that it takes a village to raise a child and that couldn’t be more true than running a global business at DDB. At least that’s been my experience running the global Johnson & Johnson business. With the size, scale and complexity of an account like J&J, there are many moving parts and teaming well and often is the key to holding it together.

Our relationship with J&J dates back to 1986 and has grown from a couple of brands in the US to 19 brands in over 45 countries. In that process, it has grown to be the third largest global business at DDB. And we are fortunate to have hundreds of phenomenally talented people touching the business every day in ever corner of the world. In a decentralized organization such as J&J, much of our success can be attributed to having the best and brightest working on the ground.

All of J&J’s global brands have strong equities that are consistent – no matter what part of the world they are in. That promise is carried through everything we do in every market. Campaigns don’t needs to look exactly the same but it is important that the footprint remain the same. Many markets are in different stages of development and how that promise is carried through will differ depending on the market’s stage of development.

Our robust global structure helps to ensure that all our markets are seamlessly working together. With key operational leads who run individual regions as well as global brand leads providing depth on our key brands, we ensure that ideas, training and best in class disciplines are available to each and every market. It’s the closest thing to a dynamic knowledge management system.

Kim Das, Global Business Director, President – Emerging Markets, DDB Worldwide

Kim graduated from the University of Chicago and started his career with D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles in New York working on various P&G assignments (Fixodent, NyQuil/Dayquil, Aleve and ThermaCare).  

In 1998 he was moved to Singapore in a regional capacity to oversee the P&G business across South East Asia. In 1999 he was made Managing Director of the Singapore Agency overseeing all operations.

He was sent to China in 2001 to run D’Arcy Guangzhou at first and then oversee total China operations as Managing Director.

In 2002 he moved to Saatchi as part of the Publicis merger as Regional Director to oversee P&G (Crest, Safeguard and Ariel) across Asia-Pacific.

In July of 2005 Kim was tapped to lead P&G’s Pet Nutrition business for North America and relocated back to New York with Saatchi after 8 glorious years in Asia.

However, Asia clearly left a lasting impression on Kim so when the opportunity to return cropped up, it took less than 30 seconds to make up his mind and return to this part of the world.  Moreover, he was excited to join DDB where an idea is truly bigger than an ad.

From 2006 to 2012 he served in the capacity of VP, Regional Director for Asia Pacific with a specific focus on driving the global business portfolio across Asia. He also served as President, Emerging Markets with a focus on growing Indonesia and Vietnam. In August 2012 he was appointed to run the global J&J business for DDB Worldwide and became the first Global Business Director to be based out of Asia. Having grown up and worked in 7 countries across 3 continents, Kim enjoys calling New York, Bombay and Singapore home.

“Splashmob” was the brainchild of Marcia Murray and her teams in New York who took the opportunity to turn a client shoot into something bigger and better. With the help of social media we were able to show the ‘true face’ of Clean & Clear.

“Sunstopper” and “Shelters” were brilliant ideas for Neutrogena from Joji Jacob and his teams in Singapore that were borne as creative initiatives and then taken to the clients. They were executed in record time and with less than ten thousand dollars. Proving the adage that great ideas will always find a home.

“Elsker Baby” was the actual pitch presentation to Shanghai Elsker (a recent acquisition of J&J’s in China) by our teams in DDB Shanghai. The clients loved the presentation so much that they didn’t change a thing. And they went with our recommendation to shoot it with famed photographer, Anne Geddes.