Alistair Beattie of DDB & Tribal Amsterdam delivers a memorable Heineken experience by unlocking the power and possibilities of mobile innovation and technology.


Issue 19: Ignite Innovation

The bottle can detect various motion types such as cheering, drinking and sitting idle on the bar top. The motions trigger certain light effects lighting up the complete bottle, enhanced by the swirls of beer, carbon dioxide and oxygen. Next to that the bottle lights can be remotely activated, so that each bottle becomes an active light source controlled by specially developed VJ software, allowing to synchronize all bottles to the music beat.

It’s a smart beer bottle that can interact with other igNITE bottles, its environment and the people around it, bringing together: interaction, data and networking thinking. It enriches social experiences using the bottle and technology in a surprising way and making high tech feel fun, organic and seamless.

Within 24 hours, our film of the launch event, shot and edited that same night, was picked up by countless influential blogs and news sites, from Wired magazine and Engadget to CNBC News. igNITE became a global story in just a few days. The videos have been viewed over a million times.

Based on the success of the prototype we are looking to roll out it out at nightclubs and festivals in Heineken’s top markets around the world.