Brands that use advertising as a force for good focus not just on profits but also on people.


Issue 17: Humanity in Advertising


Advertising, in the hands of talented people, is a very powerful force. On a daily basis we help embed brands in the minds of people; we alter people’s biases and behavior. And because what we do is so powerful, we have a moral responsibility to use our force for the good of all – to leave the world a better place than we find it – to help the communities we exist in. At DDB Singapore, we’ve been helping organisations like the Breast Cancer Foundation and StarHub, Singapore’s second largest telco, make the world a slightly better place. The work we created for the Breast Cancer Foundation was provocative and, in the slightly strait-laced Singapore, was controversial. But it hit home and continues to inspire women into taking action. For Donate-A-Tone for StarHub we took a hitherto unused media and put it in the service of the Samaritans of Singapore. And with MySmartEye puts micro-volunteers to work helping the blind. The future belongs not to selfish brands, but to the humane ones, the ones that focus not just on profits but also on people.

Joji Jacob

Joji Jacob is Group Executive Creative Director of DDB Group Singapore. He was a journalist before he stumbled upon the wonderful world of advertising. He moved to Singapore eight years ago, after having spent nearly a decade with Indian advertising heavyweights. 

Joji has won over 300 international awards including the British D&AD, the One Show and Cannes. He has won the Grand Prix at the Singapore Creative Circle Awards twice. His campaign for Double A paper is a prescribed case study at the Singapore Institute of Management. 

When Joji is not taxing his brains to solve marketing problems on behalf of his clients, he’s working with his hands. His passions are sketching, sculpting, cooking, and more recently, keeping his three-year old from dropping his wallet into the fish tank. 

Joji has been named Creative Director of the Year for the region for two consecutive years at the Campaign Asia Pacific Agency of the Year Awards (2011-2012) and at the IAS Hall of Fame in 2010.