During Advertising Week, DDB and Tribal panelists explored how different avenues of co-collaboration can contribute to a brand’s success.


Issue 14: Co–Collaboration


The topic of co-collaboration within the creative process was discussed at several panels during this year’s Advertising Week, held in New York from September 23-27. More and more, clients are repurposing people and services to improve bandwidth and refine creative ideation development. With the explosion of digital, an agency’s work can transcend traditional boundaries, encouraging companies to look outside of traditional skill sets when securing new hires and to partner with groups of people for out-of-the-box creative executions.

“Glancing in on one of [the planning meetings for the first advertising week], I asked Ken Kaess, “what are you guys plotting in here?” He was quick to explain they were planning the first annual “Advertising Week,” a five-day celebration in New York to elevate and honor the practice of advertising.  With the almost boyish enthusiasm that was so much a part of Ken, he nearly exploded with excitement about the possibilities of bringing the advertising world together to engage in a unique gathering of advertisers, agencies, and important figures from the worlds of marketing, media and creativity. 

In my mind’s eye, as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Advertising Week, that famous grin of Ken’s is beaming down on us brighter than ever. With well-deserved pride in what this amazing event has become." 

Keith Reinhard, Chairman Emeritus of DDB Worldwide. An excerpt from this year’s Advertising Week Guidebook. 

Bernbach was the first to legitimize the idea that you need a partner to create a idea that is better than yourself when he famously paired creatives with copywriters.

Peter Hempel, President, DDB NY at the Unlocking Client Creativity panel

Rebecca Rehder, DDB New York Account Director for the agency’s Glidden client, walked the Unlocking Client Creativity panel audience through the agency’s latest campaign, “The Beast.” For the program, DDB New York explored the challenger stance to avoid fast followers with low sustainability. In the early stages of the development process, the agency team partnered with the client to review what great work looks like so as to generate better results.

Diane Jackson, EVP/Executive Director of Integrated Production at DDB Chicago, discussed the importance of “talk value” and described how open communication among colleagues helps to support the face and function of “The New Creative Director.” 

Joe Cianciotto, CDO of DDB NY, drew examples from State Farm at the Messing with the Mobile Marketing Mix panel. Joe described a different form of collaboration and explained how partnering mobile with technology helped to connect consumers and to deliver a ROI culminating in a successful campaign venture.