DDB’s Cannes jurors share the trends and insights they brought back from the Festival this year.


Issue 09: Juror Perspectives


Paulo Cesar Queiroz, DDB Brasil

In the category of media, we need to keep in mind that we are talking business. No results, no deal. If you want to shortlist, if your goal is to fight for a Lion, you must show the results. And the creative idea has to be combined with media strategy. The media solution must have the potential to be widely applied and must work in large scale.

McDonalds Becomes Macca’s | Shopping Villalobos A Loja Vazia | Facebook 1914


Jacco ter Schegget, Tribal DDB Europe & Amsterdam

We saw some great craft in Cyber, and especially valued good copywriting. We loved alternative interfaces (and robots!) and focussed on great storytelling. Content marketing and production has become more important, especially when it is fresh and has a strong relevance to the brand. And last but not least, nothing beats good storytelling, especially in Cyber.

Adidas Neo Window Shopping | Oreo Daily Twist | Sun Valley Skippy, The Stone-Skipping Robot


Borja Borreo, Interbrand Madrid

Trying to define the boundaries between Advertising and pure Design entries was a hotly debated topic. I think part of the jury was misled by the power of some good ad campaigns (tactical and short-time led ideas) that had not much to do with pure design thinking (long-term concepts & ideas). The category still needs to be defined properly and I think it is too broad, though I did find it especially interesting because of that. We had to deal with so much stuff; packaging, typography, digital & motion, videos, installations, apps, retail spaces, posters, annual reports, stationery, corporate identity, etc. It was an amazing opportunity to see such a variety. Notable trends were a taste for simplicity and ideas that worked seamless across different media – good storytelling brought to life in a simple but meaningful way.

Apart from Auchan The Selfscan Report (the Grand Prix): Qantas Stories for Every Journey | Shopping Villalobos A Loja Vazia | Absolut Unique



Lisa Bennett, DDB North America

A big topic of discussion in our jury room was around how digital technology has made the medium of film even more powerful.  There are more opportunities than ever for people to view films and more films being created specifically for online viewing.  For that reason, it is very difficult to stand out in today’s world and to hold the viewers attention.  Before awarding a Film Lion, we debated not just the quality of the creative idea, but the insight, the connection to the brand and whether or not it was persuasive.

Intel + Toshiba The Beauty Inside | Axe Susan Glenn | Southern Comfort Whatever’s Comfortable Beach


Chuck Rachford, DDB Chicago

Radio is still lagging every other medium in true innovation. Cyber and Film are innovating every day but with radio we’re still using the same basic tools and techniques we have for decades.  This is a real shame since radio is easier than any of those to fund and produce.  But there are some creative teams that will see this as the huge opportunity it really is – a chance to redefine how we look at radio – and when that happens they will be showered with more Gold Lions than they can handle.

Prime Television Call Girl | Phillips Digital Video Monitor | Nampak Twinsaver Tissues for Men


Magnus Jakobsson, DDB Stockholm

Mobile has matured way beyond tech gimmicks. It’s real content, real usability and if it’s just for fun, it’s fun for real. Notable trends as far as tech-gimmicks go were (surprisingly) face recognition/swapping apps, and also swapping the ringtone or answering machine to something else. Trends like these killed themselves merely by being trending.  Great content, unique and new usability is the way to go. Everything else is dead, or at most living dead.

Reborn Second Life Apps | Smart Communications TXTBKS | Doremir Scorecleaner Notes 


Cam Hoelter, DDB Sydney

With very little innovation compared to other newer media, originality was a big topic of discussion in press.  How close does something have to be to be done before?  Illustration was another big trend this year. Particularly very detailed intricate illustration. There were some breathtaking examples of illustrative craft this year. See ‘Sunlight’ dishwashing liquid and ‘Samsung’ kids suitcases.

Duracell Positive & Negative | UNICEF Dealer, Drunk, Slut | Penguin Audio Books Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde


Rodrigo Bolivar, DDB Colombia

Although today there are many digital resources, storytelling has never been more important. As we were judging in the Branded Entertainment category, we were expecting to see Red Bull’s Stratos Space Jump. It seems that it wasn’t entered. However, I think the winning ideas would have been the same even with the participation of Red Bull.

Dumb Ways to DieThe Beauty Inside, and Real Beauty Sketches are incredible ideas, but I want to call attention to a few others: Old Spice Dikembe Mutombo’s 4 ½ Weeks to Save the WorldPLDT Screen-Age Love Story, and WWF The Ant Rally