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We Are Unlimited Chicago | International Women’s Day Flip

For 60+ years, McDonald’s has thrived by nurturing one of the most diverse workforces on the planet. In fact, at McDonald’s, 60% of U.S. managers are women, and hundreds more are owners/operators. A statistic that speaks volumes about the company’s inclusive POV and progressive actions. The staggering statistics behind McDonald’s work force and organization coupled with International Women’s Day was the perfect combination to put the inspiration behind the iconic act. So for team Unltd, our ambition became honoring the women of McDonald’s, past and present, celebrating their personal stories and the contributions they’ve made to their communities, the company, the brand, and beyond. With the support of DDB Chicago McDonald’s Global Team and DDB North America, Unltd was able to drive scale of the meaningful act and story across 100 women owned-restaurants in the U.S.A. and Romania.