Face it. We are better when we put our strengths together.


Since the very first days of our agency, when Bernbach teamed up a copywriter an and art director, we have strived to create a collaborative environment – an environment that allows for creative freedom, with everyone focused on discovering and crafting the best solution, not on who gets the credit. It is the foundation on which DDB was built and the impetus behind our most memorable ideas. As Wendy Clark reminds us today, “The only way to do amazing, incredible, work is to realize we’re better together.” This collection of work proves just that.

Our We Are Unlimited agency in Chicago is designed around the teamwork and partnerships needed in today’s market. The McDonald’s Flip for International Women’s Day was an idea first introduced by DDB Canada that made its way to a global creative workshop. Our We Are Unlimited team then perfected the idea, adding real meaning for McDonald’s and highlighting the important role women have played across the company. And then, the collaboration kicked into high gear, finding the right franchisees to feature, teaming up with partner agencies to make it all happen, and working together with the client to ensure their authentic story was being told.

The Marmite Gene Project by adam&eveDDB London began as a collaboration between strategy and creative. Realizing that the children of Marmite-hating parents were never allowed to actually try it, led them to ask if ‘loving’ or ‘hating’ Marmite could be genetic. Could there actually be a ‘Marmite Gene’? The massive collaboration took off from there as the team partnered with everyone from genetic scientists, to PR, to in-store sampling, and created the perfect integrated campaign, with unprecedented results for our client.

Leave it to DDB New Zealand to turn the whole concept on its head. They evened team up their client with their competitor. Every twelve years, the British and Irish Lions come to New Zealand to play the All Blacks in a rugby tournament that stops the whole nation. Hundreds of brands compete for attention at the stadium, but fans only actually spend 90 minutes there. They spend far more time at the airport. So our team literally bought out every sign and digital screen there for client Steinlager, the official sponsor of the All Blacks. And we fueled the rivalry among fans buy offering the ads for free to rival, Guinness, the official sponsor of the Lions. Their fans just had to fight for them. Screens recognized a fan’s insignia and would change when a fan from either team purposefully approached. Fans did – enough times to fill a rugby stadium, twice. And what’s more, sales increased markablely for both brands.

Whether we are building strong partnerships with clients to realize their goals, collaborating across our network, teaming up with other agencies or finding whole new partners we never thought to work with before, we will always achieve more when we work together.