Face it. We are better when we put our strengths together.


DDB Chicago | Skittles Exclusive the Rainbow

Given the amount and scale of the competition for eyeballs, the Super Bowl is a challenging space. How does a brand stand out in a sea of celebrities, advertising and overall noise? Well, you have to do something crazy. With that in mind, Skittles decided to create a real, epic Super Bowl ad, but only show it to one single person – an actual Skittles fan named Marcos Menendez. Instead of competing for the same 100 million eyeballs as everyone else and hoping they’d like it, Skittles went all in on one lucky fan, and made something we knew he would love. To pull off an idea of this magnitude required a strong partnership between DDB, the Skittles client, and a number of different partners and agencies. With so many moving parts and players, working together as an integrated team was not optional, it was mandatory. Ideas like this don’t come around very often. They get made even less often than that. It’s a testament to what happens when a great idea, a brave client and a big team of talented and dedicated people come together.