CEOs Tove Langseth and Jacob Sandström share their moves to rocking fresh creative


It’s more about making things people want than making people want things

Today, every company is a tech company and it’s no longer enough to just keep up with technology. In response, the Nordic DDB Group has created a new unit called “Innovation & Prototyping” led by Andreas Fabbe, Digital Director, and creative technology directors, Sebastian Otarola and Johan Olsson. It started inside DDB Stockholm in 2015 and has initiated projects like “Instant Test Drive” for Volkswagen and “Happy Goggles” for McDonald’s. The latter turned the 30+ year old Happy Meal box into a VR headset and became big news last year with media and customers absolutely “lovin’ it”. Fast Company called its possible reach “almost unfathomable”, potentially making it the world’s most democratic VR platform with over 1 Billion Happy Meal boxes sold yearly.