DDB’s most lauded teams at Cannes give back by sharing the secrets to their success



#freethenipple was trending all over the world. People were complaining about Facebook and Instagram’s views on censorship and DDB Germany saw an oportunity to turn this discussion into something positive with their Check It Before It’s Removed campaign for Pink Ribbon. Our German team made a bold statement for breast cancer on the channels and were able to engage and involve their audience – and even the Facebook and Instagram moderators – to help spread the message.  By leveraging the social censorship topic,  PR spread and in the end, the campaign grew even bigger, even though moderators were essentially deleting our messaging. It was one of the most-awarded ideas at the Cannes Lions Festival this year, taking home 12 Lions across five different media, including Cyber Gold.

We asked our team in Germany what made it so relevant and what lessons they learned along the way:

“Be brave. Break the rules. If you want to get attention you need to be doing something wrong!

Pay attention to the Zeitgeist. Find our what matters to people right now, what they are talking about. Focus on what people are focused on; find out what they care about. Then try to make a meaningful contribution to that topic or story or emotion. Only then can we win the battle for relevance.”

So great to see the team up on stage accepting their Gold Lion, pictured left to right: Myles Lord, Creative Managing Director; Lilli Langenheim, Senior Art Director; Edward Sedelius, Senior Copywriter; Tom Hauser, Executive Creative Director.