DDB’s most lauded teams at Cannes give back by sharing the secrets to their success



The annual John Lewis Christmas advert has become a beloved UK holiday tradition. Anticipated every year, it gets the whole country wondering how they will come up with an emotional story to top the last. The Monty’s Christmas campaign was no exception. It was one of our most integrated campaigns ever with a number of experiential elements adding to the overall magic of the idea. It received one of the highest honors at Cannes Lions this year, the Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix. With every £1 spent generating £8 of profit, “Monty’s Christmas” probably has the highest ROI in the history of the Creative Effectiveness Lions.

The campaign is a model for the industry and has loads of lessons to teach. Les Binet, Head of Effectiveness at adam&eveDDB London, outlines what he believes are the three most important and why:

“Creativity is not a luxury. By creating advertising that people want to watch, we got nearly 400 million views on and offline. Nothing sells harder than emotion. This was emotional advertising at its purest, yet it increased sales by £132m. Immersive marketing makes everything work harder. Monty fans immersed themselves in books, apps, music, merchandise and in-store activities. This increased effectiveness and opened up new revenue streams.“