DDB’s most lauded teams at Cannes give back by sharing the secrets to their success



The simplicity of taking the problem and flipping it into the solution is the key behind DDB Sydney’s breakthrough #comeonin campaign for the Sydney Opera House. Out of the 8.2 million people that visit the site annually, only 1% actually goes inside. The rest take photos outside and move along. They turned people’s photos of the iconic Opera House sails into real-time invitations to #comeonin and experience its real beauty – on the inside.

Social media and technology provide anyone around the world with a view of the Sydney Opera House, not an experience. Their use of technology simply opened the building for all to see, inviting them in whilst remaining invisible throughout. And the idea won the team 9 Lions at Cannes this year, including Mobile Gold.

The team shared their lessons learned from the campaign:

“Technology should always make an experience better, and easier to access. We thought we knew a lot about people’s behaviour on social media and most of the time our knowledge was on point. But we learnt so much more about how people really use Instagram and how to connect with people and add value. The biggest thing that helped us evolve our idea rapidly and fluidly was prototyping everything from UX, computer vision and our real-time mobile video response framework.

This campaign has set the bar for future work in the agency. We are sharing everything about the campaign; how we developed, prototyped, tested and refined our ideas, even how we presented them. These approaches and tools are already being used on other effective creative work for our other clients.“

Their advice: Keep it real. The work has to actually work. Collaborate from day 1. If you get technologists, writers, designers, directors, producers and developers together, you’ll produce truly innovative ideas that work.”

Congratulations to:

Toby Talbot, Chief Creative Officer; Pete Galmes, Creative Partner; Shaun O’Connor, Creative Technology Director; Trong Ronakiat, Art Director; Shane Geffen, Copywriter; Sara Nobari, Executive Producer; Nicole Taylor, Managing Director; Mandy Whatson, Managing Partner; Fran Clayton, Chief Strategy Officer; Sevda Cemo, Head of Integrated Content; Anna Wright-Hands, Producer; Isabella Harris, Production Co-ordinator; Robert Crispe, Content Director; Fraser Kelton, DOP/Editor; Tina Alldis, Head of Corporate Brand; Alyce Cowan, Mango Account Director; Lauren Mason, Mango Account Manager; Danny Grifoni, Sound Engineer; Kieren Cooney, Interbrand CEO; Liana Rossi, Social Specialist