DDB’s most lauded teams at Cannes give back by sharing the secrets to their success


Here’s to the thing that you really take home from an award show

At the start of the year, when I posted my POV against our industry’s obsession with awards and the unethical practices going on, the real question everyone asked was why not pull out of the game all together. There seems to be a lot of people jumping on that bandwagon now, even those who were big players in creating the whole mess.

The thing is, there is something really special about the industry gathering together to be something more – getting inspired to do better work, seeking ways to add more meaning to the work that we do and striving to influence society for the better. We may not always hit the mark. We talk to ourselves too much. We expect awards to tell us who’s talented or what’s innovative. But it is in celebrating our work that we teach the next generation to be brave and inspire each other to be a more positive force in the world. That’s when we win something.

This Lemon2020 issue features some of DDB’s most recognized teams at the Cannes Lions Festival this year. They are what we really are celebrating and are most proud of. I’ve asked them all to share a few insights behind their top ideas and a few lessons learned along the way. Hope they inspire you to be a little braver and fight a little harder too.

It was still a proud moment for us to see our teams from adam&eveDDB honored with the Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix and the Film Grand Prix at Cannes Lions – their campaign for John Lewis is arguably the highest ROI in the history of the Effectiveness category and “Shoplifters” was a Film first, using CCTV footage and honored for how it crossed over between TV, cinema and online. And we were equally proud of all our winners, including our Young Lions from DDB Singapore, who won the Young Lions Cyber Gold – the first ever for their country in the competition. In total, DDB received 101 Cannes Lions from 13 countries around the network. You can view the full collection of our 2016 Cannes Lions at the links below:



So indeed, congratulations to all our winners!