Stefan Setzkorn and Phillip Schilling discuss how to track the customer journey to build better brands.


Tracking the Customer Journey Leads Brand Communications Down the Right Track

We are increasingly tasked by companies and clients to help them transform their traditional marketing strategies to meet the challenges presented by digitization. At TRACK, we believe that a brand needs to provide orientation, attract consumers emotionally, and be able to clearly differentiate itself. But a brand’s appeal and the closeness to customers it enjoys is significantly determined by personal interactions. And the area of overlap is growing. In today’s world, the need for a tighter integration of brand management and customer experience is becoming increasingly critical.

While stronger brands like McDonald’s and Unilever will always be able to steer customers through the sea of options, customer touchpoints and brand-customer relationships have changed dramatically in recent years. The number of options is infinite and almost impossible to control. Brand building has become a highly personalized endeavor.

Customers now behave very differently. Their journeys are no longer linear but follow more complex, network-like structures. And customers interact and engage with brands and companies in endless different ways. Today, numerous interactions are via digital or mobile channels – with many not even initiated by the brands themselves. A few years ago, this wouldn’t have been considered marketing, and these communication touchpoints barely existed. But more than anything else, each individual customer touchpoint contributes to brand perception.

Technology will enable us to personalize these brand consumer moments even further. It allows us to enhance the experience and interaction with the brand, depending on brand loyalty, product use or customer value – or whatever criteria we consider most important. TRACK uses data analytics and fully automated infrastructure to develop trigger-based communication. We deliver the brand or product content that is relevant to an individual directly to the specific touchpoint on his/her current customer journey. And we are able to do this increasingly in real time. The goal is to develop specific relationships with the individual customer.

Customer-centricity is firmly anchored in our DNA – it is indeed our true heritage. We now have fully dynamic customer journeys andeverything we do for our clients should make a clear contribution to the brand.