To generate influence, the brand experiences we create today need to be relevant to people’s lives.


Relevance is Crucial to Building Influential Brands

At DDB, we believe that our job is not to create ads, likes or clicks or impressions. Our only job is to create influence for the brands of our clients. Influential brands are the ones who make people’s lives simpler, better and more efficient.  Only then will they be successful in their categories and markets.

Relevance is crucial. The brand experiences we create today need to be relevant to people’s lives. For Johnson & Johnson, our team in Brazil connected with parents-to-be even before their babies were born by providing them a useful, meaningful tool to help chose a name for their baby. In Denmark, we created commercials for small business owners, financed by Volkswagen, knowing small business owners would not be able to invest in new commercial vehicles unless their business was also doing well. McDonald’s “Surprise Alarm” from DDB Singapore was not just another “wake-up app” but gave people small surprises each day and then personalized them based on a person’s past choices.

No matter how amazing your idea is, it must be founded in a product’s relevant truth. As Bill Bernbach said, “Dullness won’t sell your product, but neither will irrelevant brilliance.” The standout, tongue-in-cheek “Sorry I Spent It On Myself” campaign for Harvey Nichols was able to have a little fun because it was born out of its brand history. The “Are You Klaus-Heidi” campaign created results for Lufthansa because it sold the travel experience Lufthansa is know for, instead of competing in the price war among its competitors.

Relevance has always been the key to building strong, influential brands. And it is even more important in today’s marketplace. Ideas must be fresh and relevant to the brand and relevant in the lives of people. Only then will our clients, and our industry, continue to grow.