Alistair Beattie of DDB & Tribal Amsterdam delivers a memorable Heineken experience by unlocking the power and possibilities of mobile innovation and technology.


It creates opportunity, challenges convention and liberates creativity. It’s the lifeblood of business growth and brand building. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do as an agency.

History is littered with good intentions that never happened. If you’ve ever been to an “Innovation Session” when the ideas were flowing but nothing got made then you’ll know the problem. Innovation is about doing, not talking.

At DDB & Tribal Amsterdam we’ve created a process called “SPARK.” A boot-camp for creating product and service ideas. We ask our clients for a business problem and in return we deliver a solution in in just 30 days. Not just ideas…we deliver a working prototype.

How does it work?

We move fast by having the right talents and stakeholders around a problem. We make decisions with a combined agency/client team. We think and act like a start-up for the duration of the project. There’s no hierarchy, no job titles, no politics – just a team of people with a single-minded goal and unstoppable determination.

The methodology is based on Lean Start-up principles and Agile production models – consumers are involved throughout the development period and many processes are run in parallel to shorten the timeframe. The system is modular and can be adapted to the individual needs of each client – other offices around the network are testing, reshaping and implementing this as part of their service offering. It has been used successfully for a number of clients this year including Heineken, McDonalds and Volkswagen. For Heineken it created “igNITE” a networked beer bottle that is now being put into production for selective roll-out in 2014. Heineken is now using the process regularly to develop a pipeline of product and service innovations.

We’ve found a way for big businesses to act small – and get in touch with entrepreneurial instincts that can conceive and deliver an idea at the pace of a start-up.