Simon Higby proposes the incubating model for the advertising business. He also invents new ways to influence behavior by injecting playfulness into everyday life.


Simon Higby and Kobayashi San who invented the car airbag and has really inspired Simon to pursue his thesis and the topics he writes about.

Simon Higby works for the advertising agency DDB Stockholm where he has won numerous awards including the DDB networks first ever Titanium lion, a Cannes Cyber Grand Prix, two Eurobest Grand Prix’s, 15 Cannes lions and the Bill Bernbach award for his work on Volkswagen and McDonalds. 

He has recently returned to DDB Stockholm from a two-year stint at their sister agency DDB Copenhagen, after leading that office to their best ever result at Cannes. 

He is a founder of The Fun Theory, a movement that is based on the simple idea that you can change human behavior for the better by making things fun to do.

Simon is also an MBA candidate at The Berlin School of Creative Leadership and a contributor to The Huffington Post and Forbes Magazine. 

Get in touch via twitter @simonhigby