“A person’s work is really the result of two things: his own talent and the environment in which he works.”


Simone Tam & Jeffry Gamble

Simone Tam and Jeffry Gamble are the dynamic duo behind DDB Group Hong Kong & Guangzhou. As President and CEO and Group ECD respectively, the pair bring a business-creative partnership, and a rare local- international flare to the agency. Simone has lived and worked in San Francisco, Hong Kong and Shanghai, while Hong Kong-born, British-educated Jeffry lapses into English with as much ease as he does his native tongue of Cantonese.

Loyalty is a trait the pair also has in common. Before joining DDB four years ago, Simone worked for Draft FCB for 17 years, while Jeffry has been with the agency for 14 years, with stints at McCann and Grey.