DDB’s Cannes jurors share the trends and insights they brought back from the Festival this year.



Borja Borreo, Interbrand Madrid

Trying to define the boundaries between Advertising and pure Design entries was a hotly debated topic. I think part of the jury was misled by the power of some good ad campaigns (tactical and short-time led ideas) that had not much to do with pure design thinking (long-term concepts & ideas). The category still needs to be defined properly and I think it is too broad, though I did find it especially interesting because of that. We had to deal with so much stuff; packaging, typography, digital & motion, videos, installations, apps, retail spaces, posters, annual reports, stationery, corporate identity, etc. It was an amazing opportunity to see such a variety. Notable trends were a taste for simplicity and ideas that worked seamless across different media – good storytelling brought to life in a simple but meaningful way.

Apart from Auchan The Selfscan Report (the Grand Prix): Qantas Stories for Every Journey | Shopping Villalobos A Loja Vazia | Absolut Unique