We are at the intersection of creativity, humanity, and technology



We are at the intersection of creativity, humanity and technology. The best ideas in our business today are the ones that realize this. We have always been the industry that understands human nature and we have a special talent to find unforgettable, artistic solutions for our clients. When we combine these skills with the latest developments in technology to find new ways to bring value to people’s lives, we redefine what it means to be a creative agency and how we can help shape society today.

DDB Singapore was just honored with two Gold Lions in the Direct category at Cannes for an amazing new mobile app they developed for the visually impaired with their client Starhub Mobile. Using the app, a visually impaired person can easily take a picture of anything with just a tap. The image is then shared with micro-volunteers in real time, who can describe the image to the visually impaired, from wherever they are, making volunteering effortless, easy and instant. In Brazil, our team took a fresh look at the polarized film on LCD monitors. They repurposed the film to create special glasses that would allow their client Terra to give privacy to Brazil’s Favela population, whose people depend on their community centers to access the internet. This inventive idea is currently being considered among the top ideas on the Cannes Innovation Lion Shortlist. And the DDB and Tribal team in Amsterdam took a fresh look on how people really socialize and connect with each other. By reimagining how to use technology, they designed a new bottle idea for Heineken that truly ignites the party.

Other ideas receiving recognition this week are the Secret Fishing Spots campaign developed by DDB New Zealand and Happy Table created by DDB Singapore for McDonald’s. Both sought new ways to connect with people and brought value to their lives by understanding how to use mobile in a meaningful way. And Smart TXTBKS, created by our team in the Philippines, and Help Desk, by our Indian team, each revamped existing low-tech solutions to develop life-changing, sustainable products for needy school children.

Many of the ideas in this collection that also give back to society, are being featured at the ACT Responsible Expo held in the Palais at Cannes this week. The Expo, showcasing top creative ideas that help build a better world, can be viewed and voted on in person or on-line throughout week.

Bill Bernbach taught us to use creativity and humanity to solve our clients’ business problems. And he still calls on us to remember an even greater responsibility of our industry. Bill said, “All of us who professionally use the mass media are the shapers of society. We can vulgarize that society. We can brutalize it. Or we can help lift it to a higher level.