Create relevance, not awareness


Issue 4: Relevance Not Awareness

We are not in the ad business. We’ve never really been. We are in the business of creating relevance. Our job is not to produce funky ads.  It’s about solving problems, giving meaning to something, making it relevant.

Bill Bernbach said, “Getting a product known isn’t the answer. Getting it wanted is the answer.” Awareness won’t solve our clients’ problems. Though now, we need to strive even further, beyond desire, to create real relevance. It’s even more important for us today to work with our clients to bring value to people’s lives.

The Alma team in Miami partnered with our Glad client and discovered a whole new way for them to broaden their commitment to sustainability by inventing a new product that brought them millennial fans and industry accolades, earning a Gold at the new Project Isaac Awards. In Argentina, our team found a way for VW to help its car owners drive, and sleep, safer. And our team in New Zealand went well beyond awareness for the YWCA Demand Equal Pay campaign, by also making the issue relevant in the everyday lives of men.

If we are producing relevance in our new digitally connected world, the infrastructure will help spread our message. But to truly build relevance, we have to be partners with our clients. We have to understand their business as much as they do.