DDB at El Ojo was a smashing hit by any standards


Juan Carlos Ortiz accepts the 2017 Network of the Year honor

“A collective and cultural mindset has helped us achieve very positive results in creative and new business reputation. A few years ago, we thought that if Latin markets around the world (US Hispanic, Latin America, and Spain) were united by a unique vision of culture instead of geography, results will be inspiring. Today, we affirm the power of culture. It has united and inspired us to work towards a common objective and to strive being the best version of ourselves.

There are key facts that have helped us through this journey. First and foremost, human talent, Bullseye as the methodology that allows us review and improve our product, hard work, and the clarity of being better together. It’s an honor seeing DDB Latina ranked as the Most Creative and New Business leader of the region.

In the era of biped brands where creativity/storytelling is complemented with data/technology and vice versa, I reaffirm that we are living the most technological era in history therefore, we are living in the most human era of history.”