Meet the new Phyllis generation


Nerea Cierco

“Compete with yourself to find your best, but collaborate with great people to find the best.”

Have you encountered any obstacles in your career path, specific to gender, that you’ve had to overcome? In what creative way did you rise above it – or try to?

I haven’t encountered obstacles in my career, but sometimes I have the feeling of having to make greater efforts to be understood. I’m talking about self confidence. Being a minority makes me feel like a weirdo in some situations or like I don’t belong. It’s difficult to deal with the absence of references. But, maybe this reference needs to be built inside you. “No one is you, and that is your power.” Some time ago I started working on my self-confidence and now I box 3 times a week. As Muhammed Ali said: “Impossible is just an opinion.”

How do you open doors for other women to succeed? What has made the most difference to you in your career to date?

I’m an active member of #masmujerescreativas, a collaborative and independent platform created a year ago to promote the visibility of and equality for creative women in Spain. On the other hand, and this is perhaps what has made the most difference to me in my career, the way that I enjoy, understand, and learn from my work is evident in everything I do. I love to mix very different people, from very different backgrounds to create not only a unique result but also a magical process in which everybody is included. The more diverse we are, the better results we’ll have.

What does your ideal agency environment look like?

My ideal agency environment is based on collaboration, generosity and flexibility. From my point of view, collaboration between people is more powerful than competition. Compete with yourself to find your best, but collaborate with great people to find the best. Another great value is generosity: being generous with others’ ideas, and also with yours. Give them a shot. Share your thoughts, be brave. And last, but not least, flexibility. Flexibility to understand the random, the out of the box, the different…the love of the unexpected.


Creative Director of DDB Spain, Nerea Cierco, is fascinated by the crossroad between technology, strategy and creativity. She began her career in 2004 as a copywriter and has been working at DDB for the last seven years, first in Barcelona and now in Madrid. In 2008, she was ranked the best creative copywriter in the world by The Won Report. Currently she is also on the Daily Jury of the FWA and teaches creativity at the Miami Ad School.