Volkswagen proves that a brand’s ultimate advantage is found in its products.



Volkswagen has long been one of our greatest clients. They have always believed that product quality, design and
marketing are each integral to their success. The trust they put in Bill Bernbach and his team and the risks they took with our first revolutionary campaign together, changed the history of advertising. Volkswagen is the perfect example of what Bernbach meant when he said: “Advertising doesn’t create a product advantage. It can only convey it.”

Right from the start, the Volkswagen brand understood that we must be honest, consistent and treat people like human beings. It was never enough for a brand or company to just tell you how great they are. But now, more than ever, you must innovate and deliver a great product.My definition of innovation is essentially anything that makes people’s lives better, easier and more efficient. And Volkswagen has proven it time and again.

Volkswagen’s commitment to improving people’s lives with their technologies doesn’t just end with their cars. In China, our teams helped educate school children about air quality and helped them make their own low-cost air purifiers using genuine Volkswagen cabin air filters. The DIY kits are bringing cleaner air to classrooms across China and helping dispel the myth that air purity is a luxury.

To highlight their Think Blue technologies and Volkswagen’s commitment to making the world a better place, we created the “Think Machine” in Russia. It turned batteries into currency, increasing eco-awareness overall. One machine collected nearly 8 times more batteries than a regular collection site in Russia and now Volkswagen will be rolling the idea out across Europe.

In Argentina, we used humor in traditional media to remind people how Volkswagen’s new technologies are helping everyone be safer on the road with our “Big Help” billboard campaign and in the “Special Feature” TV spot. Germany’s Street Charging Project and Spain’s Pedestrian Detection Cinema found new ways to reach people about their technologies.

Volkswagen’s consistent, honest message resonates. They not only speak to people as their friend, they treat them as one in everything they do. And that is the ultimate product advantage.