Can a new award change the rules of the game?


Lucinda Sherborne, Head of Planning, DDB New Zealand 

I thought I’d throw one into the mix from DDB New Zealand for Lindauer that celebrates women from quite a different angle. It disrupted the conventions around both the wine category and codes of female representation. No couture dressed celebrities. No moment of consumption. Not a female in sight. Nor an overt, emotional ode to women and their woes. A humorous, tongue in cheek way of freeing women from the guilt of going out by turning the tables on men. Women are out, men are at home. The women don’t miss the men but the men miss the women. Strong, independent women being strong, independent women. A world where they come first and aren’t defined by men. Women love it. Men dispute it. And who cares, because that’s what women all think and want to believe.