How would you revolutionize our business? Young creatives from around the network take on my question.


“We need to stop acting as if we are above the people we are trying to connect with. We must treat them with respect and earn respect back from them. This is how human relationships work. Creatives should go beyond only working on the briefs which are handed to them and step back more often to look at their client’s business as a whole to offer new insights and find new business opportunities that take brands to the next level. A good example of this approach is the Harvey Nichols’s ‘Sorry I Spent it on Myself’ campaign. This was more than your average integrated campaign. It centered around a range of specially created in-store products, that went on to become best sellers. It can be tricky to involve Creatives prior to the development of new products or services. However, we are a business that only thrives when our clients grow. It is something we should push for more often.”

Marvin Liang