How would you revolutionize our business? Young creatives from around the network take on my question.


“I wish I could take credit for it, but my favorite piece of future-thinking advertising is the Between Two Ferns episode where President Obama appears to promote the health care exchange to young people. Think about it – the leader of the free world took time out of his day to record a segment on Funny Or Die with the guy who slipped everyone roofies in The Hangover. That’s not a mistake. There’s no blueprint for what to say and where to say it to get people’s attention. Great ideas that are real, authentic and entertaining can live everywhere. The Obama administration needed to talk directly to young people, so instead of creating a Facebook tab or BS Instagram filter, they took a creative risk that got noticed and got results (40% jump in site traffic from young people after the episode). Freaking brilliant.”

Tyler Kirsch