How would you revolutionize our business? Young creatives from around the network take on my question.


AMIR KASSAEI  Born in Iran. Grew up in Austria. Studied in France. Lived in Germany. Working globally. Chief Creative Officer DDB Worldwide. NYC, Shanghai, Berlin, Ibiza. Twitter: @amirkassaei


This month I had the honor of presiding at the Integration jury for the LIA Awards in Las Vegas. While Vegas can make you question your future, that’s not it. I was also honored to speak again at the LIA educational initiative, Creative LIAisons, a seminar for Young Creatives that coincides with the judging week and is designed to bring young talent and creative leaders together for some pretty amazing conversations. 

DDB was lucky to have five Young Creatives invited to the event – one from each region of the network. In Vegas, they heard a lot from us on how we see our industry changing and the lessons we learned along the way.  As they take some of those insights and combine them with the things that influence them in their lives, I hope they can imagine an interesting future. I wanted to continue those conversations and asked each of them how they would revolutionize our business. They are the ones who will be doing it.