Cannes 2014 turned out to be a goldmine for DDBers



A staggering 3.4 million people die each year from a water related disease and, in most of the cases, the victims didn’t know the water was unsafe to drink in the first place. Our “Drinkable Book”, created for WATERisLIFE, is not only a manual that teaches save water habits, but its packaging and pages can be repurposed an used as a simple filtration device to kill waterborne diseases.

It features a brand new type of paper invented by McGill University & University of Virginia chemist, Dr. Theresa Dankovich, and works like a scientific coffee filter. Each page of the book is coated with silver nanoparticles, which kill diseases like cholera, E. coli and typhoid. After passing water through the filter, there is a reduction of greater than 99.99% in bacteria count, which is comparable to tap water in the United States.

Each book contains 24 usable pages, each of which contains two filters which each last 30 days. In total, the book can provide a single person with clean water for up to four years.