Cannes 2014 turned out to be a goldmine for DDBers


DDB came away with an unprecedented amount of Gold Lions at this year’s Cannes Festival, winning four Grand Prixes and an additional 17 Gold Lions, including one in Creative Effectiveness. The number of Lions certainly makes me proud of our teams around the network, particularly when you look at the value of what a Gold Lion represents today.

As ECD Darren Spiller and our team in Melbourne noted, there was some great work at Cannes this year that was only awarded a Bronze Lion that would have definitely been a Silver or Gold in previous years.

In my Film jury, we looked for bravery, honesty and humanity from our winners. And I’m not just talking about a well-crafted idea, but being brave in the way the work attacks the problems of the client. Ours is not an art festival; it is about solving marketing problems with informed ideas, connecting with people and using media in the right way to create the most innovative solutions. This feeling was echoed by many jury presidents this year. Art and craft are part of our business, but the real magic is how we use them to communicate and connect with people.

Cannes has always been a place to get inspired. Seeing the industry’s current best inspires even better work. As our Chairman Emeritus Keith Reinhard once wrote, “Those of us who seek to work magic in our craft should learn to recognize it and applaud it wherever we encounter it. Which means we need to not only exercise our talents, but nourish them as well.“