Cannes 2014 turned out to be a goldmine for DDBers



Darren Spiller, Steven Skrekovski Stephanie Luxmoore, Chris Andrews, Tom Hyde, Pascal Van Der Haar, Ant Hatton, Jonathon Yuen

What is the value of Gold these days?
The ANZAC Appeal campaign was an enormous project, a huge undertaking not just from the agency, but also the client and particularly the veterans themselves. 

We wanted to create something that changed minds, turned heads and started conversations… something that made a real difference. It was an emotional experience working with the veterans, hearing their stories and knowing just how much the campaign meant to them in terms of raising money and helping those in need. Winning Gold for something already so rewarding made it extra special. All the small details we sweated over and the extra yards we put in were even more worthwhile. The value of Gold is best judged against the quality of the work that was awarded bronze and silver (this year in particular). There was some great work that was only awarded bronze that in past years would have been a shoe-in for silver or even gold. Winning a Gold Lion should bring a huge feeling of relief and satisfaction but in truth it only makes you hungry to win more and think even bigger next year.