Cannes 2014 turned out to be a goldmine for DDBers


Interbrand New York: Forest Young, Craig Stout, Chris Campbell, Ross Clugston, Darcy Newell, Matt King, Matt Van Leeuwen

What is the value of Gold these days?
We could not be more proud to be a part of the Mandela Poster Project and to bring home Gold for Interbrand and the DDB network. When we heard the open call for entries for posters commemorating Mandela’s 95th birthday, we knew it was an amazing opportunity to pay homage to one of the most noble and iconic figures of the last century. What made the execution special for us was the collaboration of our global network of offices to deploy the posters so people around the world could feel Mandela’s 27 years of confinement, even for just for a moment. Winning this award has helped gain attention for the Mandela Poster Project and will hopefully extend the legacy of this great man.